Patriots Join Jay-Z, Meek Mill in Reform Alliance to Aid Criminal Justice Reform

Patriots Join Jay-Z, Meek Mill in Reform Alliance to Aid Criminal Justice Reform

The New England Patriots announced Wednesday they have joined the Reform Alliance, an organization that focuses on criminal justice reform.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is listed as a founding member of the organization on its official website, along with other prominent celebrities like Jay-Z and Meek Mill. Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils co-owner Michael Rubin is a co-chair of the organization along with Meek Mill, while CNN contributor Van Jones was named CEO of Reform.

The Reform Alliance states its mission is to “dramatically reduce the number of people who are unjustly under the control of the criminal justice system—starting with probation and parole.”

Rapper Meek Mill has been a poster boy for the need for a reformed system, earning a two- to four-year prison sentence for a probation violation. He was released on bail last April after a few months of significant public outcry.

Kraft injected himself into the situation, visiting the 31-year-old in prison weeks before his release and speaking highly of him afterward.

“Amazing young man. I know how I’d feel if I was in the situation he is,” Kraft said at the time, per Mark Shanahan of the Boston Globe. “Every time I see him, I just come away more impressed. He’s very intelligent. And makes it clear to me we have to do something with criminal justice reform.”

It appears the Patriots owner is now following through by helping to found the newly created organization that could help foster change.